About Us

Our Vision

Our vision, our mission & our aim is to provide our fans, followers & our readers a reliable source of information on published products. Those information includes releasing information (eg.: release date, time, price, links etc.), resell sites etc.

Our hope is to provide our readers a reliable reference on certain established brand products so that they are well informed especially on the resell value before pulling the trigger to buy it.

Our mission is to help consumer from being scammed, duped, tricked etc. into buying traps. Thus reduce unnecessary loses. We hope to add value. Our mission is to make our reader as profitable as we can.

Our Story

Every person will go through a lot in their own buying & selling life. So do we here. We have been scammed, duped, tricked into buying traps of our own. We are forced to take loses. We learned our lessons. We here aim to make our lessons count. We had enough of loses. That is how this website are born. We want to provide the most accurate, detailed & reliable information on products to our readers as much as we possibly can. Information that really count & matter. Information that is useful.  

Website Content

We only publish certain selected products especially on sneakers, cars etc. Those hyped products. Undervalued quality products. etc. 

There are affiliates link on most of the posts in this website. If you buy through those affiliate links, we earn commissions. This is how this website survive.Do support us by buying through our affiliate links so that we can continuously sharing info with you. 

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